You and your smartphone can change the world.

ESG Watch is an “Environmental and Social Impact”
social media platform that encourages consumers and
companies to make a difference together.

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Make a Difference!

Now you and your smart phone can create positive impact for people, industry and the environment.

The ESG Watch App is the perfect platform for people who want to make a positive change in the world. It cuts through all of the noise and distractions on other social media platforms and focuses only on people and planet issues that matter to you.

More About ESG Watch.

We are facing so many challenges and it can be overwhelming at times. The ESG Watch App brings people and companies together who have similar beliefs, values and goals for our world. With the help of likeminded individuals, we can learn how to make a difference and become better stewards of our earth.

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If you're interested in making a difference, download the ESG Watch App today

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Start Creating The World This One Could Be!

We are facing global challenges. To create a better world, solving problems that no one has solved before, requires approaches that no one has tried before.

Key Features.

Video and Photos

Users can take a video or snap a photo of any environmental or social issue that stirs their attention then quickly share it to their feed, assigning a “frustration level” to represent the issue’s personal importance.

A new way to shop, driven by global conversation. Users reinvent products for companies by snapping a photo and creating new ethical or sustainability attributes that matter most to them. Share on feed for an open, honest global exchange that creates the feedback companies need for future purpose driven products for us all!

Social Tests

Engage further and test your own theory of change by directly soliciting feedback from other users on transforming recent buys into impact purchases, through the app’s “Social Test” feature or create impact challenges to begin taking action on your beliefs.

Do Better Challenges

Looking for a fun and easy way to make a difference? Come up with a catchy hashtag and message or video that showcases a specific action, success story, or feat of environmental or social good. Then challenge others to copy you. It's a great way to spread awareness and inspire positive change!

ESG Watch Feed

The ESG Watch feed is a great way to stay up-to date with the latest thoughts and activities from all those you follow. The posts are brought to life through photos, videos clips or links as well as unique features that allow for testing assumptions and starting new theories of change!

  • What is ESG?

    Environmental Social Governance (ESG) reporting is how company’s communicate positive impacts made to people & the planet with the public.

  • What is ESG Watch trying to do?

    What we are trying to do is make a significant difference in how every individual can engage in caring for people and the planet, by making understanding issues, providing feedback and how to get support accessible to anyone.

  • What is the mission of ESG Watch?

    The mission of ESG Watch is to help create a world that benefits everyone. Doing this requires building understanding at scale and getting information out there, without always having all the answers. This is necessary to validate assumptions, create more movement and discover innovative ways to make our actions more sustainable, inspiring others to follow. Our mission is to show that using people's experience as data, is as relevant and useful as any other content you see.

  • Is ESG Watch a social media platform?

    ESG Watch is a constant communication media, that uses technology to organize actionable information on global ESG Impacts and foster communication on how we help make even more positive impact at scale.

  • Is there a fee for ESG Watch?

    No. ESG Watch is a free eco-system of people sharing quality content on ESG issues happening in their communities, around a single mission to foster greater understanding and access to problem solving support at scale.

  • Is ESG Watch a safe space for everyone?

    ESG is a SAFE SPACE for creating meaningful understanding between people and industry on ESG issues impacting us all. The public combined with industry can be an unstoppable force. While our ecosystem will constantly evolve, the following principles guide our community standards.
    i. We focus on how to better see issues, so you can better understand them, because you can't understand what you can't see!
    ii. We do not sell your data.
    iii. We do not permit sensitive categories, including religion and politics.
    iv. We do not permit shaming of any kind, including individuals or companies.
    v. Advertising should only be in the form of problem-solving ideas.
    vi. Do not report life endangering issues here. If you are concerned about these types of issues, please contact your local authorities or disaster distress hotlines.

  • How can ESG Watch help Education & Research?

    ESG Watch is a platform that provides opportunities for research and thought leadership on issues prioritized by conscious consumers and companies. We strive toward inspiring scientific advancements as well developing new knowledge that can drive industry change or awareness of more sustainable paths. Our goal is to help the consumer play an important role in improving the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact of industries everywhere.

Upcoming Features.

Official Business Profiles

Create your free business profile to see and analyze your feedback from ESG Watchers across the globe. Your business profile allows you to customize, connect and create constant conversation on the people and planet issues that matter most in consumer communities everywhere.

New User Modes

You will soon have the ability to engage your way, through new personalized user modes.

Chat with Intention

There is just no replacement for human connection, especially when addressing important issues that inspire us to care a little more for people and the planet. Message and Chat with connections to speak freely and create more movement.

Focus Groups

Create Groups is a powerful way to stay connected with the people who share a similar focus and to learn all about what they are changing the future. Within groups, you can share messages, photos, and videos with up to 200 people at once. You can also name your group, mute or customize notifications, and more. Group chat is a great way to stay in touch with family, friends, coworkers, and more.